Urban and Rural Planning

Synergy Planning Inc. is primarily an urban and rural planning consulting firm that serves Clients ranging from individual local landowners to multi-national builder/developers.  Our business model and access to other specialized professionals enables us to respond to a wide range of proposals and projects.  We have experience in planning acreages, single-lot splits, multi-lot subdivisions, multi-family, outline plans, conceptual schemes, area structure plans, master planned communities, resorts, and a lot more.  In addition to traditional urban and rural planning, we also offer land reviews.

Land Review

Call us today and inquiry about having a land review done on your property that you own or are about to purchase.  Land reviews can be a value added reference tool, which can be utilized by Clients for their decision making, planning, marketing, and promotional purposes.  Synergy Planning Inc. recognizes the increasing complexity of the evolving planning approval process and the challenges that owners, builders, developers, and investors face in gathering pertinent information in order to make critical decisions.  We also understand how important it is for you to make an informed decision in a timely manner.

Project Management

For those Clients and Consultants, who are frustrated or simply not interested with the day to day management of their planning projects, we also provide project management services.  Given that every parcel and every project is unique as its Owner’s, we assist our Clients in assembling the team that suits the project and Client’s needs.  If you have a preferred architect, engineer, and/or surveyor, we will work with them to get the project done.