Country Residential Subdivision

Synergy Planning Inc. was hired by the landowner to prepare submit, and coordinate the approval of a subdivision application to create four 2.0 ac± parcels with  two remainder parcels of 2.0 ac± and 3.0 ac±.

Synergy Planning Inc. knowledge and experience recognized the opportunity to create two remainder parcels, since the subdivision area started with two parcels.  By capitalizing on this opportunity, Synergy Planning Inc. was successful in saving the Client additional application, review, approval, endorsement, and registration fees that are required for each newly created parcel.

Synergy Planning Inc. was also able to create a win-win solution that was negotiated between the Province of Alberta and our Client to accommodate future road-widening of the Trans Canada Highway east of The Town of Chestermere.

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Client Landowner
Project Area 6.03 ha± (14.90 ac±)
Project Task(s) Advocacy & Representation
Consultation & Coordination
Status Completed
Municipality Rocky View County, Alberta, Canada
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