Martindale Reserve & Density Analysis

While employed at Stantec Consulting, James Mazak led the review and statistical analysis of developed and developing communities for comparative purposes to aid both Stantec’s consultant team and the developer clients.  As part of this overall comprehensive review and analysis, James completed Reserve & Density Analysis of various developing communities through an comprehensive reconciliation of approved outline plans and amendments to approved outline plans, registered plans of surveys, environmental reserves, municipal reserves (credit and non-credit), acquisitions, sales, and exchanges.

James Mazak’s knowledge and experience allowed him to successfully complete this complex analysis of Martindale’s Reserve & Density Analysis by factoring in the change of land ownership through transfers, acquisitions, purchase agreements, and exchanges, multiple ownerships within the planning area, land excluded from reserves, and residual areas.

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Client Multiple Developers
Project Area 175.42 ha± (433.5 ac±)
Project Task(s) Consultation & Coordination
Database Development
Preliminary Policy Review
Preliminary Site Analysis
Status Completed
Municipality City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada